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The AIDS summit of the year / Amy Goodman and Mike Alcalay.

Published June 20, 1990

Mike Alcalay and Amy Goodman host coverage of the 6th International AIDS Summit at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. VP George Bush on mandatory testing. Stockholm clip: PM Carlsson at 4th conference. Clip of ACT UP at Montreal. Kenneth Kaunda, Zambian president. Hans-Paul Verhoef. Restrictions on immigration in suspected HIV cases. Chris Sandoval, activist and community liaison for the AIDS office of the SF Dept. of Public Health. Fran Jefferson (SEIU). Reggie Williams, head of AIDS chapter of National Black and White Men United Together. Larry Kramer phone-in and Dr. James Currin from the CDC. Dr. Mathilde Krim (AMFAR), Steve Morin (aide to Pelosi). Author and activist Larry Kramer, co-founder of ACT UP and the Gay Men's Health Crisis, speaks via telephone.

Contributor Pacifica Radio Archives


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